Our shop primarily produces a variety of wooden pegs (used to hold the joints in timber frame buildings), although we are capable of manufacturing several specialty items, including: shaker pegs, ice & chisel handles, as well as various knobs, beads, and wooden pulleys.  


Specialty Items 3/4" Pegs 1" Pegs
    The process of wood turning begins with the stock.  We are very conscientious about selecting wood with as linear and clear a grain as possible.  This reduces the likelihood of breakage, particularly with the timber frame pegs.  Though the pegs are made of air-dried hardwood, (oak, ash, or maple),  we are also able to offer the more exotic woods, such as locust or black walnut, should the need arise.  

    There are several different lathes in operation in our shop (some are over 100 years old were originally run by steam and water power).  We use a novelty lathe for the specialty items, a dowel machine to make the straight pegs,  and a back-knife lathe for the tapered and draw bore pegs. 

Novelty Lathe

Dowel Machine


     After the peg comes off of the lathe or out of the dowel machine, there are still a few more finishing touches to add.  The straight pegs get their beveled ends with a chucking machine, then all  pegs are tumbled in barrels with chunks of wax.  The wax coats the entirety of the pegs, making it much easier to hammer them into those tight timber framed joints.      


HELPFUL PEG HINTS:  Pegs should be stored in a cool dry place as they are susceptible to shrinking or swelling depending upon the humidity in your area.  Also, drill bits vary in size.  Therefore, some framers have an assortment of bits.  They drill test holes before using the pegs so they can match the bit to the pegs on hand.